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Certified True Copy of Police Document



For every search application, a non-refundable search fee of SGD $16 will be charged in accordance with the Fees Act 1920. This will be followed by a payment of document fee within 30 days for every successful application of the documents. The fee payable for each document type will be displayed.


Please note that

    i)    Request for additional documents will constitute a new search. A non-refundable search fee and appropriate document fees will be payable.


    ii)    Police reserves the right not to provide all documents applied and to redact certain information in the document(s) such as details of the caller in First Information Report, details of the involved person/entity, etc on confidentiality grounds.


    iii)   If applicants are not directly involved in the case, their applications may be rejected.


Please note that providing false information to the Police is an offence under Penal Code 1871.

* For cases handled by the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB), please use this link instead. For assistance on such cases, please call 1800 325 6666.


This e-Service allows you to apply certified true copies of documents. Documents that can be requested include:

Land Division

•    First Information Report

•    Lost & Found Report

•    Photograph

•    Charge Sheet

•    Cautioned Statement*

    * this statement comes with a written notice “You have been charged with (the charge)... Do you want to say anything...”

Traffic Police

•    Report of a Traffic Accident

•    First Information Report

•    Sketch Plan

•    Photograph

•    Vehicle Damage Report (VDR) (concluded cases only)

•    Outcome of Investigation (concluded cases only)


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Valid Credit/Debit Card (VISA/MASTERCARD) or i-Banking account for online payment

Company Particulars (Registered Name, Address)

Client's Particulars (Title, Full Name, NRIC)

Local Contact Number (e.g. mobile/ residence/ any other local number)

Valid Email Address

Incident Details (e.g. nature of offence, date and time of incident)

Report/IP Number (for Land Division’s application)

Date of Accident/Violation (for Traffic Police’s application)



You may contact the Land Division or Traffic Police here.


Estimated time to complete: 15 - 30 mins